JUSTnews- Winter 2006-07- Vol 10, No. 2

Justnews Vol. 10 #2 WarResistors LoRes

Cover Story

The War Resistors Support Campaign by Valerie Lannon :  The current version of Draft Dodging is War Resisting.  Since there is no draft, the current resistors have usually seen the field of action for themselves, and decided not to play anymore.  This is the story of Jeremy Hinzman and other war resistors.  Will Canada welcome them?

Other Articles

Why I Ran by Robert Long

Some War Resistors’ Stories

The Search for Truth and Meaning by editor, Philip Symons

Unitarians in Action Across Canada

The UN and Canada in Haiti (Silencing the Poor) From the Canada-Haiti Action Network website

Meet the CUSJ Board

Does Wealth Make us Happy by Philip Symons

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

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