ClimateFast 2013

CUSJ has renewed its involvement with Climatefast for 2013. Take the pledge and fast between September 21st and October 2nd 2013 on Parliament Hill or wherever they are.  We fast to focus our energy and the energy of others toward a healthier planet and a healthier relationship with our only home.  Take 12 days to practice … Read more ClimateFast 2013

Activists for women jailed in Saudi Arabia

Activists for Women Jailed in Saudi Arabia Shahla Khan Salter speaks out in the Huffington post for two activists jailed for trying to bring food to Nathalie Morin, once a Canadian woman, living in Saudi Arabia.  Her husband left for a three day conference leaving her no food in the house for herself and her … Read more Activists for women jailed in Saudi Arabia

Bill C-54 goes to Senate for approval

Criminal Code review board chairs across Canada state that the Conservative government’s Criminal Code change to the Not Criminally Responsible bill is misdirected. Once again, the government did not engage in consultation in proposing the changes, which take a punative, ideologically driven approach to dealing with mentally-ill individuals who commit offences. The bill pits offenders against … Read more Bill C-54 goes to Senate for approval