The Zatoun project: planting trees, growing hope

Zatoun is a Canadian registered non-profit organization, run mostly by volunteers, to promote peace and understanding of Palestinian society, history, culture and art, to establish commercial links, and to support the economic viability of a Palestinian state.

The best-known Zatoun product is its fair trade extra virgin olive oil, but Zatoun also produces olive oil soap, za’atar (a mix of middle eastern herbs) and embroidered items from Atfaluna, a school for the deaf in Gaza.

Profits go to  “Trees for Life: Planting Peace in Palestine” a program to provide Palestinian farmers with 3 year old olive tree saplings to plant and renew their decimated groves. Also one dollar of each bottle goes to support Project Hope, a program established by a Canadian for young people living in Palestine, offering programs in art, drama, ESL  and computer training.

In Montréal, you can purchase Zatoun oil and Za’atar at TenThousand Villages stores, or you can contact Zatoun volunteer Lesley Levy in NDG.


Zatoun products
Zatoun products

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