350.org Action Strategy on pipelines: People’s Injunctions.  

Pipeline reviews are back in the news.   During the 2015 federal election campaign, Mr. Trudeau confirmed that a NEB overhaul would apply to the Kinder Morgan project.  “Yes. Yes,” Trudeau said. “It applies to existing projects, existing pipelines as well.”   Kinder Morgan’s proposal would not be approved in January, he said.   But by Nov. 18, 2015, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr told reporters Wednesday that ongoing oil pipeline reviews will continue on as usual, despite a promise by the Liberal government to make the environmental assessment process more robust”.  As of January 18th, the NEB, following the process and guidelines set up by Mr. Harper, will convene further hearings on the proposed Kinder Morgan TransMountain pipeline.

This is unacceptable.  Canada elected the Liberals following Mr. Trudeau’s promise, and at the recent Paris talks Canada agreed to reduce CO2  emissions with the aim to help keep the rise in average global temperature to as close to 1.5C as possible.

This broken promise must be protested.  A ‘People’s Injunction’, under the direction of 350. org, is being set in motion.  If by January 15th Mr. Trudeau does not stop or suspend these reviews, individuals and groups will join in protest to prevent the continuation of these reviews at this time.

Join now.  Add your name, pledge support for the “People’s Injunction”, and protest what is an illegitimate and misguided action on the part of the NEB, given Mr. Trudeau’s promise and our Paris agreement to urgently fight further climate change.

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