Trudeau risks populist backlash by breaking key promise

About-face on democratic reform commitment fuels cynicism, anger

TORONTO – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s abandonment of a key election promise on democratic reform risks fuelling the cynicism, anger, and disenfranchisement that resulted in a Brexit referendum victory in the UK and propelled Trump to the US Presidency.
“Justin Trudeau has broken faith with progressive voters, many of whom thought they voted for a new way of doing things in 2015,” said Margaret Rao, President of CUSJ. “Last election, no commitment was more important to real change in Ottawa than voting system reform. After months of foot-dragging and avoiding – rather than building – consensus on the file, the P.M. has announced the Liberals have no intention of fulfilling their election promise. His party insiders have calculated that so few Canadians care about this that they can still get a phoney majority next election. Well, Canadians do care about their democracy. This commitment was one of the main reasons people lent their votes to the Liberals, and they can just as easily take them back.”
“Unitarians Universalists uphold the worth and dignity of every person, and democracy in society,” noted Rao. “For those Principles to have meaning – to truly respect every Canadian and value their opinion – means a fully functioning democracy must have a fair voting system where every vote counts, and counts equally. The current situation in the United States is an example of what can happen when too many are disenfranchised for too long.” 
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