Canadian human rights defenders and citizens proclaim Hassan Diab’s innocence

Hundreds of people, including many prominent Canadian professors, lawyers and human rights defenders, have signed an open letter urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to help Hassan Diab, detained without trial in a Paris jail. The first paragraph reads,

We address this Open Letter to you to express our deep concern about the unjust situation of Dr. Hassan Diab, the Canadian citizen extradited and detained in France since November 14, 2014. We urge you to remedy this miscarriage of justice and bring Hassan back to his home in Canada.

This letter comes at a low point in the ongoing saga of Professor Diab’s mysterious detention, as the French court of appeal struck down an eighth release order for Diab just this week. Supporters are disappointed but steadfast in the fight to free an innocent man!

To read the letter, view the signatories, or add your name, please click here.

5 thoughts on “Canadian human rights defenders and citizens proclaim Hassan Diab’s innocence”

  1. Dear Prime Minister,
    Please do anything you can to impress on the French Government to have Hassan Diab released fom jail. This is a very sad day when it takes our Prime Minister to plead for Mr. Diab’s case, but there it is. Who else can successfully appeal for his Canadian right to a just trial?


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