Bill C-400 campaign for National Housing Strategy

The vote at first reading for Bill C-400 is due to happen around February 13th.

CUSJ is supporting the Dignity For All Campaign to focus on persuading Conservative back benchers to support the bill.

Choose your approach and help Canadians communicate the importance of action on the Canadian Housing crisis (400,000 Canadians either live on the street or live in shelters at least some of the time.)  Consider writing letters, getting names for the petition, or contacting your MP.  Join up with Dignity For All to participate in a group MP visit.  MP visits will take place in the ridings until January 28th, and then in Ottawa between then and the vote.

Write Your Own Letters

Unitarians Across Canada are writing letters to pass Bill C-400 now.      Sample Letter

Congregations can endorse this campaign too!    Sample Endorsement Letter

Download this petition and take it to your congregation for signatures.  Any MP will present your petition to parliament with 25 or more signatures.

CUSJ’s letter 2011 07 25            CUSJ Letter 2012 11 16            CUSJ Endorsement 2012 11 22

3 thoughts on “Bill C-400 campaign for National Housing Strategy”

  1. Voluntered with the Toronto city wide survey this week to count number of homeless and learn about their needs.

    Are there any present national CUC initiatives?

    Hi Bob! Are there any recent initiatives in Toronto that I could help out with. Will you be at the Calgary conference or could I meet up with you in Toronto?

    • For current CUC initiatives I suggest you contract April Hope at We have just attended a national conference and I believe the CUC Housing Monitoring Group — which, by the way would welcome your participation I think, is just considering this question.

  2. I attended Faith In The City event at Toronto City Hall last Thursday.
    In Toronto alone, 87000 households on a 10-12 year waiting list for housing.
    Over 5000 homeless on the streets or in shelters. In a comparatively well
    off country. Yet no National Housing Strategy. It is a disgrace, and the least
    the feds can do is support Bill C400 and get on with a strategy to get housing
    up for the many in need of it..


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