Kamloops Congregation’s unwelcome neighbour: a toxic gold mine

Kamloops Congregation is facing new challenge — a Gold Mine project with toxic potential right next door. The linked article describes effect of large open pit gold mine on Salt Lake City.

Updates: In May 2016, the National Observer describes how this open-pit mining project would involve draining a pristine lake, trespassing on unceded First Nations territory, and would produce toxic dust particles. Some are against it, while others support it for economic reasons… interestingly, the company behind the mine, KGHM Ajax, has given ‘massive’ donations (more than $54,000) to the BC Liberals. The article, written in the spring, notes that the final decision on the Ajax mine rests with the provincial and federal governments, whose environmental assessment offices are expected to release a verdict sometime in the fall. However, in September 2016, the mine project was still on hold, and in October 2016, the debate continues, but it seems that the exhorbitant cost of litigation could mean the demise of this controversial project.

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