In the face of the Land Day massacre, Canada must impose economic sanctions on Israel

On March 30, 2018, Israeli soldiers massacred at least 17 Palestinian civilians engaged in peaceful protest, and wounded 1400 others… as the world community stood by, aghast. And yet, this was “Just another day at the office” according to the IDF:

Today, over 40 community groups and civil society organizations, including CUSJ, delivered an open letter to the Government of Canada and all political parties represented in Parliament, calling on them to:

  • Condemn Israel’s use of lethal force to suppress peaceful protest;
  • Demand an independent and transparent investigation into the killing and wounding of unarmed Land Day protesters by Israeli forces; and
  • Demand that the Canadian government and the UN impose appropriate economic sanctions on those parties who have violated the human rights of Palestinians.

It would be outrageous and cowardly of Canada and Western nations not to stand up to a renegade government in Israel, and we trust they will do the right thing.

You can read the full text of the letter, and the list of signatories, here.

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