Idle No More: Key Themes

Are you one of those asking – why Idle No More? There are a few key themes:

  • First Nations have ‘had enough’ of unilateral and destructive legislative changes that attempt to destroy their rights and identity;
  • There is a current suite of federal legislative amendments that take the destruction of aboriginal and environmental rights to a new level; and
  • The undemocratic way in which these legislative reforms are being pushed through the Parliament, and the resulting decimation of many of Canada’s federal environmental protections, should be a matter of tremendous concern to all – both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.
  • Current legislation (in particular bills C-45 and C-38) have stripped environmental protection for rivers and lakes in Canada. All Canadians need to be concerned. Support for this agenda is support for all future generations – native and non-native.

OKT Law offices prepared a two-page summary explaining each of the pieces of proposed legislation and why it is of concern. If you are interested in more in-depth analysis, email, and I will send you a ‘Briefing Book’ that contains a summary of each piece of legislation, where it is at in the Parliamentary process, and the concerns about that piece of legislation.

CUSJ signs on to Amnesty International Joint Statement in support of First Nations Rights and Idle No More.

CUSJ joins with First Nations to support the goals of Idle No More. While we are concerned about the health and well being of Chief Spence of the Atiwapiskat Reserve, we hope that her effort will bring our government to the table to negotiate real improvement in First Nations circumstances and our relationship with them. Here is our letter to Prime Minister Harper 2013 01 04 (Day 24 of the hunger strike )and our open letter to the press. We are calling for negotiations with First Nations Leaders for a real and fair economic, education, health, and environmental accord with provinces and the Federal Government. December 21st, 2012

Idle No More – Where to From Here? by âpihtawikosisân – 2012 12 26

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